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ELC Dao of Hair begins with natural Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired ingredients such as Olive Oil, Green Tea and Kiwi, blended together with modern technology, producing hair care formulas that are both high performance and have high fashion finishes.

All Natural

ELC Dao of Hair products are made with natural botanicals and soft chemicals that will not harm the hair.  ELC Hair Care products address damaged hair at any degree and ELC formulas are perfect for all hair types including multi-textured hair.  Specific ELC Hair Care products have been developed especially to treat damaged hair and scalp: Pure Olove® Instant Treatment, Pure Olove® Hair Treatment, Pure Olove® Scalp Balancing Lotion, RD-Protein Cream, RD-Plus, RD-Serum.quat.

Expert Hair Artist is proud to offer ELC Hair Care to our clients. As expert ELC Hair Care specialists, we strive to deliver the best products and services in the Oceanside, CA area. Our decision to offer ELC Hair Care to our valued customers is part of this commitment.